Project Management Plan

Successful projects don’t happen by accident. A project must be well planned up front in order to deliver the right solution. The Project Management Plan builds on the Project Procurement Plan, and includes all tasks, sequencing and resource allocations. The Project Management Plan will be the basis for controlling all aspects of the project, including the following:


A great deal of planning will go into the implementation stage. The detailed works program and resource allocation program will ensure that the implementation will go smoothly. During this stage, it is important that the Project Manager closely monitors progress and reports regularly to the customer by means of the Project Team’s regular project meetings. The Project Management Plan will be regularly updated and monitored, particularly in relation to the works program and budget.

Testing & Validation

After the design has been implemented, the work must be tested internally to ensure it is complete, functionally correct, and reliable and also that it meets performance requirements. We do this by means of software simulation methods and/or hardware simulation. This stage is also a checkpoint to ensure that all the documentation is complete and up to date. This will also be an important milestone and client’s sign-off point, verifying that the work is complete and ready for installation.


After the solution has been fully tested and accepted, the hardware and software system switchboards, control boards, etc, will be installed and integrated on site. This stage will be carefully managed as it requires integration with client’s staff, site personnel and third-party suppliers.


The final acceptance will be given only when the complete solution is proven to work in the customer’s environment through full validation against the functional requirements. Commissioning activities will include working closely with process engineers, operators, electrical personnel and other parties, to ensure that all aspects of the solution are functioning as required. In our experience, if the solution is well planned, well designed and well tested, then commissioning will proceed smoothly through to Project Completion.

Project Review

To ensure customer satisfaction and to assist in our improvement procedures, PCE closes off all our projects with a Project Review Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to gain feedback from the customer and the team in relation to positive as well as negative aspects of the project. A Maintenance Management Plan will be prepared to ensure successful outcomes during the defects liability period.